Follow-up sites and site presentations

In these pages data and information about different follow-up sites using solar energy has been gathered and visible for everyone interested. Gathered data is updated in real time and consists of instantaneous output power and overall energy production rates of the solar energy system in question. Weather stations located at the sites give us important information about the impact weather conditions has on power output rates. Follow-up site information and performance history can be found via the site links found in the side bar.

Note! There may be errors in the statistics if Internet Explorer version 9 or later is used.

NOTE! Due to SAMK Pori campus move there are brakes in the system data readings (updated 19.5.2017).

  • Solar heat and photovoltaics are used in a public swimming complex in Pori.
  • City of Pori Environmental Agency's PV system.
  • At Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, there are three different strings in different mounting angles. Every string has its own inverter.
  • Wagner Euro C20 collectors are installed in the south end of the house.
  • Panels function as the roof of the patio. In the front is a solar energy operating air source heat pump.
  • In Lemi, a 5 kW system fits nicely on the roof with room to go around. Photo: Petri Savolainen
  • Satmatic's photovoltaic system. Mounting system is held on the roof by counterweights.
  • Panels in a row at the roof of UTU production facility.
  • Panels are visible on the roof above main entrance at Vatajankosken Sähkö.
  • In this detached house, panels are connected to snow barriers in and below the panels is a walking bridge to help in cleaning.