• In Lemi, a 5 kW system fits nicely on the roof with room to go around. Photo: Petri Savolainen
  • Mounting system bolts to be screwed on roof beams. Rubber seal keeps the water out.
  • New fuses were installed in the barn to the same box as the fuses for the solar energy system. Safety switch disconnects system from the grid if necessary.
  • Double mounting frame distributes snow load evenly.
  • nverter was mounted on a place inside the building where it is easy to bring all the wiring. Photo: Petri Savolainen


5040Wp system is built on the roof of an old barn. Generated electricity is used in the farm house and the excess is fed to the grid.

There are 24 Heckert Solar NeMo P210 multicrystalline panels installed in 30 degree angle facing south-east.

Panels are connected in two 12 panel strings, which get the voltage up to 320 volts. Inverter is a 5kW three-phase SMA Tripower STP5000TL-20. Data collecting WebBox is integrated inside the inverter and it sends the data to SMA monitoring page, where human-readable charts are drawn.

Double crossed mounting system IBC TopFix 200 reassures even weight distribution on an old roof.

Expected yearly production is 3970kWh.