Solar thermal system, Pori

Location: Pori, Finland

  • Wagner Euro C20 collectors are installed in the south end of the house.
  • Jäspi Solar -300 storage tank is easily accessed and hidden behind sliding doors in the utility room.
  • Pump unit is on the floor next to the storage tank. Above is some space for storage.
  • Resol Delta Sol BX control unit shows the functions of the system and is located outside the closet. It also saves the production data to a memory card.
  • Grundfos sensors measure temperatures from the liquid and flow and pressure of the system.


This location has a solar thermal system that is used to heat domestic water for a four person household. The actual heating of the house is accomplished with electrical heating. There are two parallel connected Wagner Euro C20 AR flat plate collectors on one end of the house. Collectors are in 41 degree angle on the wall that is approx. 20 degrees to west. Collector area is ca. 5 m². Collectors were installed during the spring 2013 and their yield has often been more than enough. Estimated yearly production is 1350 kWh.

Heat is stored in a 300 liter domestic water storage tank that can also be heated using electricity. Storage tank is located in the utility room on the opposite side of the house. Solar thermal was taken into consideration already in the planning phase of the house. Well isolated pipings were installed in to the floor casting. This reduces heat losses and the sealing of the inlets could be secured. Pumping unit was located next to the storage tank.