SAMK and solar systems are moving to new campus

Moving of the solar systems has started. Measuring information in no longer available until fall 2017.
There will be 30kW more research system in our new campus. More information about the systems in summer when start installing those.

Added 24.04.2017

Five pilot sites almost ready

SolarLeap project is moving on.

Two solar photovoltaic and one solar thermal systems are ready. This week we expect to finish one PV and one ST system.

We have began to make Follow-up presentations and first ones should be ready by the end of the month.

Hakamäki (4p)

5kW PV system in Pori.

Added 04.04.2016

Installations at Solarleap pilot locations have begun

SolarLeap has proceeded to installation phase. Interest towards the project exceeded our expectations.
During the summer, we did over 150 solar energy potential mappings in more than 150 locations. From these locations, the pilot locations were selected.

During spring 2016, installations will be done to all the photovoltaic and solar thermal locations across Satakunta region. The first photovoltaic locations is already finished in Pori!

The locations will be presented during summer 2016 in our Follow-up sites page.

Added 04.04.2016