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  • Photovoltaic system, Nakkila

    Photovoltaic system

    Location: Nakkila


    A three kilowatt single-phase photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of a detached house. The system consists of 12 Satmatic JAM6-250 monocrystalline panels which are connected in series. Panels are connected to the snow barriers in approximately 50 degree angle facing south-east.

    Inverter is a Fronius IG 30 which has a Fronius Datamanager data collecting card for production rates. Inverter is located in the cleaning closet and connected to the electric enclosure next to the closet. Refrigerators and freezers, washing machine and constantly energy consuming small electronics are connected in to the fed phase. Excess electricity is sold to Lammaisten Energia.

    System began operating in May 2014.