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    Pori swimming complex

    Location: Pori, Finland

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    Public swimming complex uses solar energy to produce heat and electricity.

    Energy saving gained by using solar energy is equal to annual energy consumption of eight Finnish houses.

    There are 360 square meters of NAPS Pallas 210M PBW solar panels installed on the roof in 30 degree angle. Estimated energy production is 45000 kilowatt hours annually. Three inverters measure produced energy and transform electricity to alternating current to be fed in the grid.

    Solar thermal system consists of 200m2 flat plate collectors on the roof. Annual energy production is about 100 000 kWh which is equal to annual energy consumption of six Finnish houses.

    There is also a unique Nordic Solar façade collector system where collectors are fully integrated in the cladding copper material on the south-facing façade by the main entrance. The total area of these collectors is 80m2.

    Solar electric panels produce 3% of the electricity consumed by the building. Solar heat collectors cover 5% of the annual heat requirements of the public swimming complex.

    Production data from Pori Swimming Complex’s photovoltaic system has been collected since 28.9.2011.