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    SolarLeap #3 PV system

    Location: Pori, Finland



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    The house has 5kW PV system installed. Purpose is to become more and more energy independent from the electric grid. The 5kW system contains twenty 250W polycrystalline TKA 250W-60P panels from Tenka Solar. The system comprises of two separate ten panel fields located on the south facing roof in east and west side of the same roof pane. The panels are installed parallel with the tile roof with inclination of 37o and azimuth of -5o. Estimated annual production is 4320kWh. The excess energy of this grid-connected PV system is sold to local power supplier Pori Energia.

    Panels are serial connected. Panel fields work independently controlled by their own maximum power point trackers (MPPT) provided by the inverter. I.e if one field get shaded, another continues supplying energy normally. Electricity cables go under the roof tiles and connect to the Fronius Symo 5.0-3-M three phase inverter located in garage. The AC cable from inverter is connected to the main distribution board via the safety switch. SAMK Follow-up system is set up using the wireless technology. The system operation and energy production is monitored in SAMK. The PV system installation was finished in March 2016.