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    Location: Ulvila, Finland


    On the roof of electrical and automation technology manufacturer sits a 30.5kW PV system. Produced electricity is used for cooling the building. The cooling power is increased stepwise in relation to an increase in electricity production. System was commissioned in fall 2011 and is being expanded during summer 2013.

    System consists of 230 watt PVE-MTF1 multicrystalline panels with micro prism coated glass to help to collect scattered light. Panels are installed on a 45 degree angle towards southwest. All 133 panels are connected to seven different strings. All strings are measured in a connection box on the roof, and the data gained is sent via wireless GPRS data connection to a monitoring page.

    Inverter is Vacon 8000 series 30kW three-phase inverter. DC power is fed to the inverter with one cable coming from the connection box on the roof. Yearly production is around 23 000-24 000 kWh.