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    SolarLeap #1 PV system

    Location: Pori, Finland



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    The 3kW one-phase PV system is installed on the separate rack next to the garage. System consists of 12 Tenka Solar 250Wp model poly-crystalline panels connected in series, and of a Fronius Galvo inverter installed in the warm storage room next to panel field. Inclination of the panels is about 65 degrees to maximize the production during spring and autumn. The orientation is about 8 degrees to the west from south and estimated annual production is around 2400 kWh. The yield of the system was planned to be used completely in the household with minimum energy sold to the grid, which is why the excess energy is stored to domestic hot water boiler via electric resistor. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences monitor the energy production and collects the data for future analysis.