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    SolarLeap #2 Solar Thermal System

    Location: Pori, Finland

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    The solar thermal system is used for producing domestic hot water and space heating. Purpose in general is to reduce the needed amount of oil especially in spring and autumn. Hewalex KS2400 flat plate collectors are used with total area of 5m2. The estimated annual energy production for the installation is 1980 kWh. The collectors are installed in horizontal position next to each other aiming to the South with azimuth of -15o and in inclination of 50o. The system installation was finished in March 2016.

    The target roof is metal-sheeted roof with inclination of 15o. The clamps of the mounting system are clamped tightly on to the seams of the roof plates without the need to make holes through the roof. Insulated double pipeline with hot and cold pipes goes from the roof to the 500L accumulator in the basement. Pipeline is attached to the mounting frame with cable ties and to the edge of eave and wall with pipe holders. At the basement in the accumulator room, the double pipe is connected to copper pipes which are covered by heat resistant insulator. Copper pipes are connected to the pump unit and from there to the bottom heat exchange coil of the accumulator. The controller runs the pump unit based on the temperature difference between collectors and the bottom of the accumulator. Additional flow meters has been installed to the pipeline to enable monitoring the power and energy production of the system by the SAMK.