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    SolarLeap #5 PV system

    Location: Nakkila, Finland



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    Situated in Nakkila, some 20km southwest from Pori, this home of four person has a pretty solid electricity consumption of 2000kWh/month. This is partly because of a garden pavilion and a swimming pool that require A/C and pumping energy in the summertime. As the customer requested, a 5kW PV-system was designed to cover part of the electricity consumption. The system was installed parallel to the roof into an inclination angle of 27 degrees and azimuth of 50 degrees west from south. With the optimum angle(42) system would have produced only around 50kWh more to now estimated 3940kWh of annual production. The system is built from Fronius 5kW Symo –inverter and 20 pieces of 250W Jetion JT 250Ple polycrystalline PV panels.