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    SolarLeap #6 PV System

    Location: Huittinen, Finland



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    This PV system located in Huittinen, 65km southeast from Pori was rather challenging design from solar energy production point of view as there are multiple tall trees shading the southern target roof. Nevertheless this family of four has solid 1000kWh/month electricity consumption so together with the customer it was decided to design a system with sufficient production despite the shading effect of the trees.

    The system has a Fronius 5kW Symo –inverter together with 20 pieces of Solet P60.6-WF-250 polycrystalline PV panels. The panels were divided into two separate groups so that 8 were installed into the roof of the main house and remaining 12 were installed to the garage roof right next to the house. Both roofs are facing 5 degrees from south to west and as the angle is already fairly steep 27 degrees. It was decided to go with the roof-parallel installation, as optimum installation angle of 42 would bring only around 100kWh more to now estimated 4210kWh annual production. Fields were connected to two separate MPPT equiped inverter inputs to better tackle the shading.