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    SolarLeap #7 PV System

    Location: Rauma, Finland



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    The one-phase, 2kW PV system installed on the roof of a single-family house in Rauma consists of eight Solet P60-250W-model polycrystalline panels. Panels have been connected as one series to Fronius Galvo inverter installed next to the electricity cabinet in the garage. The DC-cables from the field have been drawn under the roof tiles, down the roof behind the house boarding and then via an underground pipe to the garage other side of the front yard.

    A bigger system could also have been used, but this system was chosen for aesthetic reasons because this way all the panels fitted in one row on top of the skylight windows. The system is parallel with the roof’s inclination which is about 27 degrees and the orientation is about 15 degrees from south to the west. The annual production is estimated to be around 1680kWh. The system is separable from the grid with a safety switch. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences follows the PV system production.