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    SolarLeap #9 Solar Thermal System

    Location: Huittinen, Finland



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    There are five parallel connected Hewalex KS 2400 solar thermal collectors installed at the south face of the outbuilding. Main heating system is wood boiler which is connected to 5m3 accumulator.

    The main purpose of the solar thermal system is to cover the hot domestic water usage in the summer. Inclination of the system is about 23 degrees and the size of the accumulator is taken into account when sizing the system. The roof was painted before the installation. Accumulator is directly below the solar thermal system and the piping goes through the metal-sheeted roof.

    System yield is expected to be good because of the azimuth, system size and large accumulator. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences monitors the yield of the system to see how well it performs with large accumulator in detached house which has average water consumption.