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    Photovoltaic system

    Location: Pori


    Patio of a semi-detached house was covered in August 2012 with 3060 Wp of photovoltaic panels. Produced electricity is used on site and excess is fed to the grid. The location previously had a 200 W microinverter system in test use and has also an air source heat pump which is operated using solar energy. During summertime, all of the cooling energy needed was produced with the solar energy operating air source heat pump. It also produces heating during fall and spring.

    The system consist of 12 Yingli Panda 255 Wp multicrystalline panels. The panels are installed in a 27 degree angle facing west. In this renovation project the goal was to landscape and cover the patio using micro production. The direction of the building and the roof angle weren’t in an optimal direction considering production rates, but this was accepted due to construction restrictions. Panels are integrated directly as the roof of the patio. The wooden patio works as a supporting construction for the photovoltaic system.

    Panels are connected in a series of 12 panels, in which the voltage is ca. 330 VDC. Inverter is a 5,5 kW three-phase Kostal Piko 5,5. A WebBox is integrated within the inverter. It collects data of the production and sends it to Kostal’s monitoring page which draws figures from production rates.

    System produced 1500 kWh in 2013 after which the system has been altered and therefore yearly expectation of production for 2014 is ca. 1700 kWh.