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    Location: Ulvila, Pori


    On the roof of UTU’s production facility is a 13 kW photovoltaic system. It consists of 45 Hanwha SolarOne SF260-36-1P295L (295 W) multicrystalline panels. Panels are installed in a 23° angle and facing +40 degrees west. Mounting system is made out of wood and is attached to the edge of the roof, while the other end is supported with counterweights.

    Inverter is located in the production facility next to the electrical enclosure. Panels are connected in three series. Cables from the series are connected to Danfoss TLX Pro 15 kW inverter. The inverter has its own measurement system and isolating switch for DC.

    Close to the panels is a weather station and the backside temperature of the panels is also measured. System has been in operation since August 2013 and it has fed electricity to the production facility without a problem.