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    ENNA – Open innovation platform development

    In modern information society, information is no longer a privilege of the few; instead it is available for everyone, all the time. Scattered information and the amount of it have caused a bigger problem. No company or individual has the option or resources to control the amount of relevant information for them. To control the amount and usage of information we need cooperation. Better than individuals (or individual companies), networks can collect, save and process information more efficiently. Another problem in controlling information is contacts, or lack of them. Communities or networks of certain interest are shattered. In addition, it is difficult to tell who has the essential information.

    With ENNA, we seek answers to what kind of new joined methods and abilities institutes of higher education and research groups require. We seek answers for how to channel research know-how of higher education institutes to companies and how requirements of companies can be directed to top research units and how all of this can be attached to education.

    Following abilities of higher education institutes are being improved in ENNA:

    1. Focus top know-how to demands of companies
    2. Link cooperation involved in scientific know-how with companies as part of education

    Additional value of ENNA comes from cooperation between different fields of know-how. One extremely potential field, in which all the partners in this project work, is solar energy.

    Innovation platforms have a significant role in ENNA. With them, scattered information can be collected to single place where it can be easily shared. Platforms work as a service concept between companies and institutes of higher education. SolarForum Portal is an example of an innovation platform developed in ENNA. Tampere Wear Center (WearForum) and Department of Energy Engineering (EnergyFoorum) at Tampere University of Technology will also get innovation platforms developed in ENNA.

    Key aspects in building an open innovation network are seminars and workshops related to innovation. Researches abilities for innovation and companies understanding of open innovation must be increased. Growing amount of information decreases suspicions towards open innovation and makes it easier for companies to join innovation platforms and the networks gained with the platforms.

    Partners in ENNA

    Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
    Department of Energy and Process Engineering of Tampere University of Technology
    Department of Materials Science of Tampere University of Technology
    Optoelectronics Research Centre of Tampere University of Technology
    Nanoscience Center of Jyväskylä University
    Project is coordinated by Hermia Ltd.