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    1.1. – 10.6.2009

    SataPV project aimed in developing solar electricity in Finland and in Satakunta. Goal of the project was to gather solar energy know-how in Satakunta and in Finland and figure out if there is a possibility to found a solar panel factory in Satakunta as well as a solar power plant that supports educational and research needs.

    A factory that produces c-Si solar panels was planned in the project. Almost all sections of the production could be covered with Finnish products and know-how. Manufacturer of cells, glass with low Fe concentra-tion and EVA membrane were not to be found in Finland.

    During SataPV project a survey of the participating companies was done. It aimed to sort out the visions about the goals and interest involving the founding of a solar panel factory and a solar power plant. After the survey it was clear that none of the participating companies were ready to take the lead on a possible pv panel factory located in Satakunta. They were all interested in a role as a partner or minor shareholder. In order for the pv panel factory to be founded, a main owner that was ready to take the lead or an owner with little responsibilities was required.

    SataPV worked in planning the solar energy system for Pori’s new public swimming hall.