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    1.4.2012 – 30.9.2014

    SmartSolar is a research project coordinated by SAMK. It is realized in close collaboration with our Finnish as well as European research partners, TEKES and Finnish SMEs. The SmartSolar project is all about smart integration of solar energy systems to the built environment. The project consists of three work packages:

    1. Cost effective and modular building automation system with more open interfaces

    • Creation of the control functionality of the JDDAC (Java Distributed Data Acquisition and Control) software package in controlling functions of a solar energy system (solar electricity, solar thermal and solar cooling)
    • Sensor network technology combined with JDDAC- based measuring and operation system
    • An environment for demonstrations for testing this work and the control system created will be built at the Technology and maritime management campus of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Pori. Practical testing of functionality of the control system of solar energy systems and storage technology can be performed there

    2. Seasonal smart energy storage technology

    • Seasonal storage technology in the demonstration environment
    • Inverter and power electronics technology
    • Algorithms for the optimised operation of the demo-environment

    3. Requirements for the solar energy system integration into electricity grid as well as district heating network

    • Business models and requirements for operating in Smart Energy Grids environment
    • Enhancing the formation of common practices in the energy production markets in Finland
    • Supporting the formation of the company value chain in the field of hybrid renewable energy system automation
    • Networking