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    1.11.2009 – 30.6.2012

    SolarForum project was carried out from 11/09 to 06/12 as an operation and business environment development project. SolarForum was funded by Satakunta Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, POSEK and companies involved in the project. Budget was 380 000€ and it was partially EU funded. During the project, number of companies rose from 5 to 10. Part of the companies involved are located in the neighboring provinces of Satakunta. Companies that have funded SolarForum project are: Luvata Pori, Cupori, Purso, Lemminkäinen Talo, Satmatic, Sermatech, CimSolar, Akvaterm, Bitec and Aurubis Finland.

    Actions and achieved goals

    1. Public swimming hall

    •  Designing and development of the solar energy solutions and their measuring and surveillance systems in close co-operation with the SolarForum companies and with the city’s administrators
    •  SAMK is committed to carry out surveillance of solar energy systems in the public swimming hall for five years and publish it so the general public

    2. RDI projects and support

    • Companies in the region donated a solar tracking device for SAMK and it was finished to working order by SAMK
    • Expert help was given in creating and handling the tendering documents for the photovoltaic system installed in the new public swimming hall
    • Expert help was given in the planning and calculation of costs of a photovoltaic system for Pori environmental agency
    • Pre-planning (measuring and positioning) of a photovoltaic system to reduce electricity consumption peaks of a restaurant planned to be located in Puuvilla
    • During SolarForum project, two financing projects had been implemented and both of them were financed (INNOKE and SmartSolar)

    3. Networking and publicity

    • Regional, national and international networking was extensive
    • Participation in advertising and informing of Pori’s new public swimming hall
    • Internationally SolarForum has been presented e.g. in Changzhou University, China and as a guest lecturer in Huelva University, Spain
    • Project and solar energy activities have been presented in various different occasions such as seminars and energy saving events
    • Close cooperation has been done nationally with various forms, especially with Prizztech Oy
    • Two seminars about solar energy were held

    4. Business-oriented solar energy training

    • Design and installation training and consulting for companies
    • In the first phase, knowledge and expertise of the lecturers in solar energy systems, their design, measurements, installation and designing programs was enhanced in SAMK and vocational schools in the area
    • In the second phase, solar energy training was given by experts in the staff of SAMK
    • a free two-day training in solar heat and also on photovoltaics was held
    • Reruns of the two-day trainings were held in SolarForum week

    5. Positioning a solar energy product

    • Knowledge of solar energy markets and forecasts of their development were gathered from international experts and based on knowledge gained, an attempt was made to position a competitive product for international markets and gather a coalition of companies to further develop it

    6. Purchase of professional services

    • Purchased knowledge from Bitec for developing remote monitoring system, from Ympäristöenergia Oy for training services and a photovoltaic market research from Photon Consulting

    SolarForum – from project to cluster

    While starting SolarForum project, an ambitious goal of creating a national solar energy cluster, was set. During the project, structure of the cluster clarified, as well as seriveces of the cluster and finding funding for them. www.solarforum.fi is a part of services for the cluster.