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    SOLARLEAP Satakunta:
    With systematic process into solar energy business


    SOLARLEAP Satakunta is a two and half year (2015-2017) co-operated project between Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) and vocational institute Winnova. Project aims to enhance solar energy business in Satakunta region, to unify permit processes of the field and to produce more experts of solar energy. Grass-root level pressure and regional execution joined with unifying of the permit processes aim to speed up the actions pushing the Satakunta region to take the next step in increasing the usage of renewable energy. Simultaneously with SOLARLEAP Satakunta, Turku University of Applied Sciences together with Turku Vocational Institute will carry out SOLARLEAP Varsinais-Suomi which has the same goals in Southwest Finland region. SOLARLEAP projects are a part of the operation of The Consortium of SAMK and Turku University of Applied Sciences, CoastAL. SOLARLEAP Satakunta project is funded by European Regional Development Fund, regional municipalities, SAMK and participating companies.

    Solar Training and Bottleneck-Seminar

    Solar training is executed in both universities of applied sciences. The training aims in giving knowledge and skills for companies aiming for business in the field of solar energy. Training goes from basics of solar energies and their markets all the way to detailed planning and designing of actual solar energy systems. In the arranged seminar, elements that are slowing down the development of national solar energy markets and changes in the field are widely discussed.


    After the solar training, the companies and other involved parties together with the project personnel begin the development workshops on ASSERi. It is a document or documentation tool, which describes an installed solar energy system and the process of execution to the necessary level of details decided in the workshops. Model for the document comes from Germany, where a similar document is in use for photovoltaic systems. ASSERi will do its part in improving the quality of business and gives the necessary information of the solar energy system in one clear and structured document. SAMK coordinates of the development process of ASSERi.

    RT Standards File for Solar Energy System Installations

    In this project, knowledge of safe and durable solar energy system installations is increased by creating RT Standards files which take into consideration Finnish conditions and building regulations. RT Standards files are commonly used source of knowledge for building professionals. So far there has not been a national nor extensive instruction for installation of solar energy systems. From experiences gained in Germany we know that working without proper instructions can lead to questionable results. Turku University of Applied Sciences coordinates the development process of RT Standards file for solar energy system installations.

    Theory to Practice with Pilot Implementations

    Studied theory and planned documentation will be tested during the practical pilot site implementations. Different size, mainly building integrated, photovoltaic and solar thermal systems will be implemented in the project. The systems will be designed and installed by companies and educational institutes within Satakunta region. Ten selected household pilots will be implemented by students from SAMK and WinNova. In this case the pilot site owners are responsible of the system investment but receive the planning and installation of the systems from the project. This represents roughly 25-35% of the overall investment.